Blogrolled TPB has new site: Doctorow or Morse?

TPB former guest blogger and prolific literary lawyer has moved his blog from Unbillable Hours to Those Dark Trees. He has some interesting thoughts about terrorists/revolutionaries like Che Guevara and the positive political image percieved by authors like boingboing's Cory Doctorow. Get the Shirt? While I choose to refrain from sharing my political thoughts here on Whuffie, as a fan of Doctorow's writing, I find this of note. (I think Che Doctorow looks more like David Morse.)


TPB, Esq. said...

I definitely can see the Morse likeness. Makes me want to watch "Long Kiss Goodnight."

x said...

ooooh, now you got me thinking of a Green Mile/Green Day/Down and Out remix... Or Morse as Dr. Peters in Twelve Monkeys "We don't use the term "crazy," Mr. Cole."