Movie Review "Stealth"

I had really low expectations set for this flick however, Rob Cohen and on set prayers were answered as it was one of the best jet plane movies I have seen in a while. Howard Hughes wished he could have made. Top Gun meets HAL from 2001. While I tend to gravitate towards the realism, and exploration of human behavior through intense dailogue, this had none of that. Sweet effects it had plenty of. It really was a quality merging of CGI and action. One of the best explosion shots ever and a trick horror moment of a pilot dropping from the sky. Unique and cool. detractors: 1) Dont give me a Shortcircuit clone as the computer tech for the drone, i want fully G333K hacker. Not fancyful blue glowing lights, how about miles of network cable, linux dashes, and duct taped hardware? 2) Please take the time to write a script. If you cannot have class at least throw us a bone with cool one liners and ast la vista catch phrases. The CGI is truly the best yet. Seemless.

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