Happy Birthday America

Through the smoke and spin of world politics few have remembered the gift of freedom that has been represented in my home America. America is not merely geographic place, though there are many memorable visages of beauty, nor is it a book of rules, though our Constitution is precious article, and niether does it tout itself as the only way, for America is a group of people with one common idea, celebrated and despised on forign soils, that idea is the people, and the people are the idea. Let us not forget amongst our lowly banging on the drums of politics, amongst the divisive tools of partisanship, or among the toils of day to day commerce and endevour, of this great heritage purchased by those who choose to defend you, speak for you, and work for you.
This great heritage defined by freedom, and expressed in speech of all kinds, from art, to blogs, to email is enjoyed by individuals. Not according to race, sex, creed, or kind but to all who own precious citizenship. Let not national debate, decent, or apathy destroy our love, our self respect, or ideals. On this day July 4th 2003, we face a future of uncertainty, with dynamic changes in technology that increasingly both empower and alter the common man and those that govern him, let us face that future without cowerdice or fear, but with responsiblity to the generations which shall follow. Let us not move forward in division, but in the unity which has been present in all great known human acheivements.
Today I remember the great gift of our lady liberty from France whose friendship is now in question. (To whom I hold no mallice) At the entrance to freedom she still remains a symbol of hope. What a perfect symbol a gift from afar. From the indian immigrant who starts a shop to send her children to college, to the native wealthy executive who gives of his fortune to do the right thing, May God bless you America, each and every one of you. Happy Birthday.

From the owner of this blog. (If you want to know more read this pleasant reminder of who we are.)

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