A Small Slice of the Magic Kingdom

My daughter and I went to the Mall today and of course we both gravitated towards the Disney Store. I was completely amused as we walked through the doorway and I took note of the “castmember” who cheerily greeted us and made a point to let us know that they were running a special on swimsuits, “Buy a swimsuit and get a cute little coverup for FREE – a $19.50 value!”, she said while grinning from ear to ear. I thanked her, and we then wandered over to check out the merch. And fine merch it was. Got an adorable Princess swimsuit for my little one with of course the matching Princess coverup. The castmember left us alone while we looked and then reapproached after we’d made our selection to comment on how adorable the suit was and how adorable my daughter was and would be in it. We cruised around in that small little slice of the Magic Kingdom checking out the rest of the merch and then approached the register to pay. There was cheery castmember again, racking up Whuffie at every turn. She rang up the suit and coverup and then magically produced a Donald Duck whistle and, much to my daughter’s delight and my surprise, tossed it in the bag…another freebie. Scored some major Whuffie from my little one! As we departed, she cheerily bid us adieu and then turned to exact her magic on the next guest. It was just so comical…I thought that woman’s whuffie must be through the roof! Ha!

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