New World Clothing

Oooh, gotta scope this artist Alex Soza and his hi-tach clothing, on the site you will find:
• Cool exco skeleton just as I requested (boredom with bots)
• A floating jacket.( imagine you come in from the cold at a party take off your jacket and it hovers over to a coatroom and deflates, when your ready to go you beep it with your watch,pda, cell phone it inflates and locates you.)
• Sleaves that roll up or down, collars that get bigger, features on a jacket wired by a thermal sensor that also tells your coat to get thicker or thinner depending on the outside and internal temp.
This site via the just blogrolled Z+Blog which was via this cool ap blogmatcher from google wannabe Ryo Chijiiwa. via Blogdex

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