Space 'Coptors & Voices in your Head

Space 'Coptors & Voices in your Head
Copious inventor known for what is now called the Sonogram, Woody Norris has invented a personal helicopter the 254lb. ultralight "AirScooter" is easy to fly and requires no liscense. According to some AirScooters and Segways may become as popular as cell phones and the internet.

Norris has also come up with a new phenomenal way to hear sound inside your head without speakers. This leads me to question, will privacy laws have to be extended to inside your own skull? As if spam, junkmail, and phone marketers were not enough imaging advertisements interrupting your thoughts! The consequences of this new sci-tech aside, it is rumored to replace massive concert audio systems in a way that everyone in the event would hear at the same volume eliminating the bain of concert attendees: "FRBES" or front row bleeding ear syndrome. Not to mention the military implications: "Saddam, this is Allah, TURN_YOURSELF_IN."

Full 6 page New York Times story here

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