Mem Words and Stats

I came across a post about "mem words" at MarketingFix.com which spoke of the idea of inventing a new catchy word or phrase, or taking an existing one, and using it on your blog to draw traffic from those searching it as a keyword.
In reflection that is exactly what I did with this site. It was instinctive and entirely unplanned. Although I have very few affiliate links, my stats have shown 20,000 hits a month since I published this Whuffie blog (now Whuffie.com) there appears to be only about 2,000 unique visitors and around 150-200 referral links. Around 100 search strings (mostly from Google) searching with keyword. Learn more about mem words here.

update: Here's a funny political mem word- "Dixie-Chicked" I am afraid it might stick. Read Drudge here for a good definition.

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