"..hardware and software systems needed to clear the way for wireless networks made up of thousands or even millions of sensors. These networks will observe just about everything, including traffic, weather, seismic activity, the movements of troops on battlefields, and the stresses on buildings and bridges—all on a far finer scale than has been possible before." Taken from The Top 10 Emerging Technologies on MIT's technology review. Cool term award: German word : "gr√ľndlich” means "you do it really right.” Also don't miss the article on Science Fiction and Smart Mobs which mentions japan's "thumb tribes", Warren Ellis' book "Global Frequency", and Howard Rhinegold's book "Smart Mobs".

Bloggers and code monkeys check out: Amy's wonderPortal .05 Beta at her site Domesticat.net that uses PHP script to help folks running multiple global contributors to log posts in real time. She gets my "development of useful software" Whuffie of the day. (I don't have a need for the script nor do I know if it works- I just like people who make the internet easier to use.)

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