You will note that I added GeoURL link (green button bottom right). Although a little time consuming to set up, and the UI is a little klunky, the concept is great. Allows one to "see" blogs within a 500 mile radius of ones own blog. I think this should also be part of the social software development. Local Whuffie as compared to state, provincial, regional, national, and international Whuffie. Because a person's identity is often so relevant to their location. If you were in France your lo-bandwidth radio signal emitting from your cell phone Whuffie would auto-ping and aggregate Whuffie IDs from those you interacted with throughout the day based on your settings it could sound off according to settings sensing an individuals home, relationship to your interests, and professional credentials. Your cell phone emits a small blip, you ask your waitress where she is from in French, and she replies in English from Idaho! At the end of the day you review your Whuffie log and see that your cab driver is also from Idaho. Those who wish to be anonomous turn off their responders. (Of course does that imply that you have something to hide?) See a WiFi/IM version of this at Trepia.
Thinking about this today at lunch began to hurt my head. The implications of instant social networking in virtual communities with instant reputation monitors was a little dizzying.

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