5 years now with Blogger. I have outgrown Blogger and the software (though free) is not versatile enough for what I am wanting out of this site. So I am moving it to a managed Wordpress site on my own server. This is going to be a neat upgrade and I am excited about the future of this channel, I hope you will be excited as well. Please update your bookmarks and subsribe to the new RSS feed.

I am moving this blog to whuffie.esaukessler.com, and adding three side channels, one is a Tumblr blog that will contain short form media which will leave the front page for longer form journalistic endeavors (In theory). The other two channels will be public group called "Hiveminded" and a private group. Pretty much anyone is welcome to take part in the groups public or private. The only limitation, at this point, is you will need to have your own Tumblr account (It is free, easy, and requires only an email address). If you already have one you will know what I am talking about. If you do not I will explain in better detail on the new site soon. I really recommend you look into the Tumblr application. My wife and I have been using it for over a year and it is a robust, easy to use, social networked, media tool that I expect to use for some time.

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