Gawker's New Sci-Fi Blog

"io9s were marketed as cheap time machines in the 2070s. They were actually just low-grade input/output devices for the brain that tuned tachyon waves and gave users vivid images of possible futures. The things were so addictive, and drove so many people insane, that io9s were eventually outlawed. Today the word is just slang. io9ers are the early implanters who obsessively upgrade themselves with beta tech. People who tweak out on buggy brainware are sometimes said to have "gone io9."

Yeah and if you want safe water just put a few drops of io9 in it. (tee-hee)

The only blog that compares with mine in cool content. 'Course they have have 4 contributors, 3 editors, and money. There is that.


dessie said...

oh, the site is blocked by my hosting here in q8. :D

x said...

I grappled with publishing this post as Gawker publishes pRon, which I do not support. So that might be why they are blocked. No loss you still have me. ;D