Ebay Removes Whuffie/The Demise of Ebay?

According to this info from Ebay about changes in 2008 negative and neutral feedback will be removed from Feedback for sellers and buyers. They claim that too many people were afraid to leave negative feedback for fear of retaliation.

Brilliant. Theres a trust metric shot to hell. I guess that leaves an open door for a new auction site based on Ebay's model with an intact use of social trust. Or just a stand alone site that allows feedback for Ebay users...or better yet the implementation of true Whuffie!

This is a step backwards. The reasoning is wrong, as is the action. Corporate bureaucracy at it's best. Next they will say that to be fair to other bidder's sellers can only name one price and the first one to bid pays that amount.

I give Ebay negative feedback.

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