Spy Drones: Coming to a Neighborhood Near You!

While the British continue to profess their concern over an Orwellian society we on the otherside of the pond suspect denial when 20% of the world's camera's are being used to scope private citizen's at a rate of one camera per 13 persons on their island.

Wired reports that the new Microdrone released officially in April has been undergoing sucessful tests (video above). Note the German company's promo depicts the drone peering into residential windows and zooming in on female sunbathers, not exactly police business perhaps?

DefenseTech recently reported the first 'kill' by an Army drone. While I understand the military needs to woot' it's successes I am not sure if death, even of bad guys, is something to celebrate. Although the loss of life serves as a notch in the bedpost for the embattled branch as noted earlier on this blog.

The idea of an all seeing God zapping evil doers with lightning bolts may yet become life imitating art.

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