The Day the Whuffie Started

TrustPlus went live today. Just as Cory Doctorow predicted in Down and Out In the Magic Kingdom. While I think there are those who cheer, and those jeer, I think I might be those who fear. Reps on the net right now are built and established independently with little interference. Remember that whuffie in DOIM was not exactly a good thing. In the book the reader is placed in a dystopian reality by the coldness of digital technology combined with sociopathic behavior and biomodification.

I might immediately note that there appears to be no middle ground or ambivalence in their 6 icon rating system. It looks like you are a small, medium, large minus or a large, medium, small plus. Thats a little draconian. I also note the video (below) uses manipulation by subtly suggesting we should be afraid of trusting the wrong folks.

This is like crack for control freaks. You know the type. The ones who insure their insurance.

Those on the good side of it will think it is great. The question I want to know is how does one get on the bad side?

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Perry said...

Your on to something here 'x', good point about the use of 'fear' in the video and lack of middle ground on the trust meter. I think 'milking cats' is how you get bad whuffie.

x said...

This is big based on the social networks Trustplus is with. The question will be how many users pick it up. I think we live a in a growing fear/control inclined society that will tink' right in. I am not against whuffie per say- I think it should be more of an 'atta' boy' than a tool that labels.