Social Bookmarking

This is a brief simple tutorial explaining how to use Delicious as your social bookmarking tool. I hooked up on this awhile back, but I lost interest. 1) Even with tagging it did not seem that much better then using bookmarks. 2) I don't know that I want the world seeing what I bookmark. I don't have that much to hide, but it is like walking up to a million strangers on the street and saying here is a list of all my preferences . Many years ago I applied at a web startup that had this same concept. They were convinced that certain links were worth big money. I think Google ruined that. To me delicious is like go to the all you can eat diner and your friends telling you what they looked at on the buffet- I can do that myself. Okay, but not to say I cannot see some value in it. I think it is in how links are tagged. People creating relevancies. Watch the video if you have never quite understood how delicious works.

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