Book Release: "Darwin’s Paradox"

Fellow blogger and author Nina Munteanu's book "Darwin's Paradox" has just been released a by Canadian publisher Dragon Moon Press. "It's a sci-fi thriller that explores co-evolution, artificial intelligence, nature's 'intelligence' and destiny."

The novel is available online through Amazon and Buy.com.
And at the following retailers: Barnes & Noble , Borders.com , Wal-Mart, and Target.

Nina's literature has been nominated for the Gaylactic Spectrum Award, Ecataromance Reviewers’ Choice Award, the Aurora Prix, and the Foundation of Speculative Literature’s Fountain Awards.

I will have to see if I can get a hold of a copy and give it a review. In a unique turn of events it will likely cost less to purchase in Canada then here in the US. :)


sfgirl said...

Thanks for the shout, Whuffie! Much appreciated.

sfgirl said...

Send me your address, Whuffie, and I'll send you a copy for review.