Radio From Space

Ocassionally on Whuffie I like to blog on technology while popgadget or gizmodo and such have evolved into sales promos, I like to talk about how technology effects my life. I recieved a Sirius radio for Christmas (SP4-TK1 Sportster). The set up and install was not quite as easy as you would think. (I still have not ran the antanae-it is stuffed into a knot in my ashtray.) So you might consider paying for the pro install if your looking to hook-up. At first the removable face plate removed at every stop since I did not want it to get lifted. But then I lost it. Tech support was willing to suspend service and ship me a new one for 60$. However, the indian sounding helpdesk could not explain why I would want to suspend service if the replacement was coming overnight. (chuckle) But alas I found my faceplate. I picked up a stand/antanae that allows me to listen in my house which I really enjoy. However, bringing the face plate and remote back and forth from house to car is a little bit laborious. (I make music from a hollowed out guord with strings from my goat you imperialist American!) How has it changed my life? I am on the road a lot right now so instead of fuzzy stations that lose signal as I travel I can get a steady stream, except when in a tunnel or under an overpass. I still like local radio though. 200 stations is like drinking from a fire hose at first but now I end up on Coffeehouse, NPR, and 70-80's when I want to rock. Occassionally the comedy channel is worth some laughs but be wary of uncensored language. Especially when kids are in th car. I guess being uncensored is a big selling point for some. It is a luxury for me not a need. But if I was on the road more I could see it becoming a must. Cool new tech worth the price. Moderate change in my world.

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