Cory dishes bad Whuffie to Fox Rent a Car

It sounds like Fox needs to adjust it's business practices and train and update it's customer service. I find it interesting that an 'A list' blogger like Mr.Doctorow uses the social network to retaliate for poor service. Pretty darn effective. On his merit alone I would avoid Fox. How will this change the face of future business modeling? Negative trackable whuffie. Learn more on the clue train here.

update: some don't find it interesting at all, like 'advocate' at the newly published and blogrolled BoredOfBoingBoing.

update: Apollo Lee says Fox has never done him wrong but had a very similar experience at Alamo right here in Boise, Idaho no less.

Verdict rental car and hosptitality operations need clearly understood policy on debit cards. Banks could do better at explaining the difference between the two, also.

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