Tron Movie Banned by Homeland Security?

I am really not a Tron nut. I just liked the movie. It blew my mind graphically. It also had an interesting 'gospel' parralell. But this article was somewhat of a surprise. Dept' O Homeland Security is asking Disney to turn over all copies for 'review' and are designating the film as "sensitive". As soon as I saw the headline I thought "The reactor scene"(..okay so maybe I am over the top fan wise.) While some jump on the "Man" taking away our freedoms, I land on a puzzled "wow" they are really paying attention. It seems that when Disney routinely notified the FBI about a HD copy being released the bureau "expressed concern that the improved image quality from the restored film might reveal sensitive details about US nuclear research". Ouch. I know what movie Behrooz Araz is watching right now.

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• very strange vaguley related link that will make you go "why?" (or if you are a cheeser like me set it as your desktop)
• best post "
"We are safer with Sark not on the shelves than we are with him on the shelves."

• lamest post in comments "It wuz called New Tron und it wuz a bomb. Neutron, "New Tron", get it?"

• BTW the story claims
the first motion picture to extensively use computer-generated imagery. Which I take odds with. Most of the movie was hand painted glass trying to look like computer imagery waht computer imagery was used would be considered primative at best. details

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