x takes a vacation

Noted man of mystery, might, and intrigue will perusing the northwest floatsom amongst the granulated shores of the salty seas. Thus, guest bloggers will be taking the helm, donuts firmly in hand. Check out TBP of UnbilliableHours.com and Nick from Yuma, I mean from Broken Hammock who will both no doubt both shock, titillate and mystify.

I wanted to get like 15 guest bloggers, kinda of a "Guest Mob" but I did not have the time. Next time.

PS My kids and I, watched a MIG 17 do some nighttime flybys with afterburner. It was AWWSOME! Visions of Chuck Yager, Russian rocket scientists, and the whole 1950's vibe were so clear. The specs on these retro delights boggle the mind, 711 MPH!

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