Local Tech:
Click here for a fair review of Crucial Technology's "Gizmo" 128Meg USB Flash drive (a division of Micron Semiconductor Product here in Boise, Idaho.) These things are said to replace the floppy drive as soon as consumers figure out what a USB is. While I have seen them lining the shelves at Circuit City, I have to say they are not very stylish. They all look like one of those promos you mail order hundreds of with your company logo on them. If these things are supposed to house your important info shouldn't they light up and tell you how much space is left and be housed in a cool titanium and hardwood casemod? None the less while the reviewer is hard on them for being at the upper end of the $30 to $50 dollar range for these mini portable memory sticks, I have to say very good things about Crucial. Solid service and support. I once ordered some RAM for dirt cheap from them got it overnight, and they supported it as I installed it. See if you get that with the foreign competition. (Okay I am biased.)

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