Somebody's Watching Me....

Well, this will freak you right out. Read this most excellent article. Big Brother not just pretending to watch you, but really watching you. I'm talking about the Pentagon's new pet project called CTS (Combat Zones That See). The cameras have always been there, scattered about every major city in the country. But, now they've developed a way to pull together all of that information from all of those existing sources into one major storehouse of data. Of course they're pushing the notion of how valuable it will be for protecting our soldiers in Bagdad. Come on now! I think a more likely use will be Homeland Spying, I mean Homeland Security. This is pretty creepy indeed.

"(CTS) is pretty creepy. And the creepiest part about it is that it's not all that sophisticated," said Lee Tien, a senior staff attorney with the privacy-rights proponent Electronic Frontier Foundation.

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