Why make Whuffie?

The memorializing of The Flock of Seagulls and their song "I Ran" from a post on this blog I culled from the random links on Blogger.com reminds me of why I believe a real mechanism for Whuffie is necessary.
While royalties from music services like BMI and ASCAP are paid to some musicians, many never secured proper rights, and have whole underground followings but never know. A way to express ones appreciation in units without monitization could be truly useful.
I am getting the idea that such a system might be a labor of love and not a monetary venture.

Lisa Marie Presley gets auto whuffie for just being Elvis's daughter, additional sympathy whuffie for losing her dad to drugs at an early age, loses points for marrying Micheal Jackson, and divorcing Nicolas Cage. How does this help? Who decides, if anyone? Would Lisa's Whuffie get plinked automatically from Micheal's bad public whuffie?

If your like me you don't care about celebs'. Likely you don't share my enthusiasm for Flock of Seaguls. But what about the neighbor who comes and visits your old grandma and brings treats, kids and joy to her last years of life? She works as a waitress and you eventually move away. How do you quantify your appreciation? Traditionally it is through communication or deeds, but we, regardless of it being good or bad, in today's fast pace lifestyles demand new tools for human interaction. Whuffie could be such a tool.

While venture capitolists do not get wiggly about "labor of love" projects, home grown self motivated deals take time to come to realization. Someone would have to provide funding for such a venture at some point. Which is why many groups have went to the commercial models to provide income. They appear to be having some success in applying social software to business applications. (though true success will be measured in time.) I would like to believe that if you create something truly useful the cash will come. Then again maybe someone will just expand on your free labor and the cash will come to them.

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