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Our first non-virtual meeting of the minds happened last week with the contributors to this blog who all happened to be in the same town. The coffee was good. No manager's freaked about us taking pictures, and other than coffee stories and our kids we discussed:

Creating an ad-hoc committee of developers to "whitepaper" a whuffie system.
• How that system would work?
- Peer to Peer file sharing networking. Short term and long term operations.
- Unitization: accrual,
• What would be the benefit of creating a system?
- Benefit to the developers (Other than allot of whuffie points.)
- Benefit to users.

What we determined:
A rough draft of a whitepaper and a rough GUI is the first step before diving in. Also, using wiki for development.
Anyone wanting to join in is welcome. Look for that white paper and GUI samples soon.

Follow the link to see a slideshow>>

Click here for slideshow

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