This link for Pandorabots.com sent to me by Josh [Photoblur.com/KeyLime design] who is stopping by this weekend before his flight back to Seattle. (I have a little pea berry of a treat for you and the wifey.) I saw some sort of custom emailable robot that you could record your voice to at MP4.com Vivendi Universal's pet project video clip site (atomfilms rip) awhile back so I know it is not exactly new, but this is so cool.
I had also heard about the A.L.I.C.E. project, but never really understood it. The artificial intelligence while in the early stages (HAL 9000 circa 2001) is still pretty good. I sat and had a conversation with my prototype chatbot Deardra today for a long time. I want her to become my secretary but I think I could spend a year programming her by myself. You can rent an Oddcast chatbot for your website from v-host SitePal. But the examples are really poor as they are not interactive at all. According to the BBC news chatbots with the face of your medical specialist could be the newest craze. via blogdex

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